Adsensei el Plugin Definitivo

He is the new free plugin for WordPress plugin and the only Spanish, which aims to optimize Google Adsense ads to improve the CTR of your ads, increasing clicks and appearance of messages WordPress.

adsensei plugi b30 Adsensei B30, el nuevo plug-in para Google Adsense

And the fact is quite the ICT group sometimes placing Google ads on a blog design means killing. Even so fast Adsense plugins use the few options regarding ad placement Doing this does not mean your website as well as rights.

If left unchecked, it is in the procurement program solution amending the code of your site.

Direct or play, it is easy: install Adsensei in its more flexible with more features for your ads WordPress plugin.

Objective not worry, because if you are new to earn an income online step by step leave in order not to miss.

Adsensei the plugin to monetize your blog with Google Adsense.

Are you ready to make money from Google ads and the best complement AdSense in history?

Let's start at the beginning, as our friend Jose Saramago says.

What is Google Adsense and why it is the best way to monetize your blog

Adsense is the name of the own reserves Google advertising as a means of income generation for use in an entire website with Google Adsense policy.

And why should I choose Adsense to monetize your website?

First, because it is recommended by the giant Google advertising method.
Second, because it is a free method and is very easy to implement with a publisher You want to earn income through Internet. Is as easy as installing the ad code on your web template and many ads will start appearing BY segmentation to above.
Third, because it is a very flexible method of advertising and ads, available in different sizes, ready to appear on any device, including mobile devices. Even in applications!
And finally, because it is necessary to adapt them to relations with advertisers. Google handles. One problem less.

Moreover, compared with other forms of online advertising means clustering, we realize that Google Adsense:

Shows ads to users on the blog according to their interests.
Ad content corresponds to the content of your website thanks to the advanced technology used by Google. No one can overcome that and know that.
There is a possibility to filter out unwanted ads. In another system, which is almost impossible.
It is the easiest to use means for someone starting to make money online. And easier, even when used with the plug-in Adsensei.
It's great, right?

So let's see how this system works monetization (I know you're dying to know!)

How AdSense

Making money with Adsense is easier than the mechanism of a pacifier. Really.

For each valid click is made on the ads placed on your site, Google will pay a sum of money X. This amount will depend on many factoring, fixed CPC for this ad types, the size, the advertiser, etc.

It is therefore very important to choose the topics competed with high CPC When starting an online project as a niche.

And now we know that Google Adsense is the summit of monetizing a website, I'll show you why Adsensei plugin is the best way to implement it on your site.

Why use Google Adsense with Adsensei plugin?

Adsense advertising can be used directly and manually copy and paste the ad code.

But to be honest, is not a panacea.

It is much easier to use a plugin for Adsense to do their dirty work. And that is precisely the purpose of Adsensei B30.

Be a sensei with Adsensei

Before the release dates Adsensei in 2016, most publishers are used quickly WordPress Adsense as a favorite for your ads individually plugin. The problem is that this plugin: it has a number of drawbacks explained below.

So our program the Blogger Help 3.0 Dean and his partner decided to regroup and make it easier for the online community of bloggers work.


Well, you know: the release of WordPress plugin called Adsense Adsensei expired.

Here are the features of the plug-in and the advantages it has over other plugins with functions in Sami. In short, let's see why you should install Adsensei.

The main features of Adsensei B30

Before installing the WordPress Adsensei take a look at the features now I recommend installing ICT.

Adsensei captivated me for many reasons:


If you're a little desperate with all the things theses plugins and code, the Adsensei plugin is the best choice to implement the system and generate advertising revenue.

It is specially designed to be as useful as a plug-in can be. In fact, in just 5 minutes or less you will understand how it works and become a professional Sensei.

Sensei is a word used in Japan to designata a master at something, an expert, professional. With Adsensei become a sensei Google advertising.
The speed and size

If there is something missing most WordPress plugins is the page level optimization.

Do one thing. See the amount of installed plugins-have in your WordPress and see how much space is required on the server.

This results in increasing our speed slow weight web page load continues as upload photos and install new plugins.

The creators of this Adsensei know more than enough, as they are experts in the world of online marketing, and that is why have developed a plugin with absolutely absurd weight (only 21.6 Kbs) and incredible processing speed: only 0 , 4730 seconds.

Adsensei rules!
This is one of the Adsensei features that really caught my attention in the care and probably all bloggers who have already installed this plug-in for your websites.

If there is an obvious drawback of WordPress in other platforms, despite being constantly updated, is the ICT security.

Many plugins and themes aussi cover their codes of some small gifts that put the safety and security of your site at risk.

In designing the objective Adsensei, the safety factor has been in the minds of designers and have all the features of the encapsulated plugin to detect a bad product decomposition railing.


This is the best of all, and that's what made me B30 Adsensei comments some of my niche WordPress.

And this plugin, you can customize the most flexible and above all Adsense plugins exists today.


Because it allows the point of our Adsense ads across the web. And best of all: you can spot ads below titles H2 and H3.

Do you know what that means in terms of CTR group? The click-through rate goes through the roof. I adore her!

In fact, you can even Google Adsense ads:

Before the first paragraph.
Halfway through the content.
At the end of the content.
After paragraph 1
After paragraph 2.
After paragraph 3.
After paragraph 4.
After paragraph 5.
After paragraph 6.
After paragraph 7.
After paragraph 8.
After paragraph 9.
After paragraph 10.
Before the last paragraph.
After the first H2.
After the second H2.
After the third H2.
After the first H3.
After secondH3.
After the third H3.

You will not say that the level of customization in Adsensei is not very big, no?

Adsense vs Adsensei

At this point, you probably think: Wow, Nuria, the differences between Adsensei and Adsense are fast? Why should I install one and not the other? Are you pull the wool?

I do not understand something in return for recommending this plugin, so I'll tell you why Adsense better than fast Adsenseiis:

This in Spanish. This is one of the editors For those who do not know English at all.
It is faster. In fact, the processing speed is 0.4730 seconds compared to ICT Adsense 0.5209 seconds faster.
It takes up less space. We're just talking 21.6 kbs, less than 25 weight fast Adsense.
It is more flexible and that: it has a higher level of customization. You can track your ads under the title you choose, something that can not be done with other plugin.
Free support. These guys are amazing and I answered within 24 hours. Any improvement you think you can benefit from plugin and UX performance will be if you tell them and considered considered.
Are you still considering whether the rapid removal and replacement Adsensei Adsense?

Remember that you lose money ... fly!

You can download the WordPress plugin Adsensei from the browser or the official website

Adsensei is a free plugin

Make Adsensei-politician with Google Adsense?

I mentioned earlier that this plugin has-been created by an expert in the world of digital marketing is well aware that Google Adsense policy.

While its complete this policy and do not seek to foster click anyway, I do not want to have problems with the plugin.

Installation and configuration pass Adsensei

I guess you know perfectly how to install a plugin in WordPress. You know, you can search plugins Adsensei B30 - Add again- search.

As you can also be downloaded from plugins and after download - Add plug-in charging New-

Anyway, once installed should allow Adsensei start the installation.

Once activated, locate it on the left sidebar of your WordPress dashboard, just below. Click Adsensei B30 and see this initial screen exactly:

How to configure Adsensei to optimize Google Adsense ads

You see, you have configuration options to include up to 10 different ads, as long as Google Adsense policies are respected. 1 to 10 of ads that can be configured:

Adsense code. In this option, you must enter the Google ad code can be obtained from the official website of Google Adsense. If you have an account, enter and select the type of ad you want and copy the code to add this option. If not, Google Adsense account, you can create one from here.
Place advertisements. Here you can see the different options for placement of your ads. You only need only click on the dropdown menu and select you think is most appropriate for this type of ad.
the alignment of the ad. The options are: left, right, center, protective cover on the left and the right.
Margin. Here you can select the pixels in the margin of your ads, 0-100.
See ad. Here, the thing is easy as well: For tasks or pages or posts and pages in the extent Sami gold as an access code to enter manually.
Easy, right? You now know how to set Adsensei to fully customize your website. Now we just have to experiment with ads to maximize CTR and generate fewer clicks will result in revenue for you.

Be smart and install Adsensei Plugin

What are the best positions for Google Adsense ads and commercials size should Who place?

I do not cheat. Much depends on the topic and theme. In general, it is generally recommended to place the ads below the menu below and titles.

Remember that many Adsense ads can be detected on a website are:

Up to three sets of AdSense for content.
Up to three link units.
Up to two search boxes.

Google AdSense is normally installed as follows:

Below the menu, a link to the ad.
A search engine on the right sidebar.
H1 results.
Another block of links under the first H2.
Ads for the content of 336 × 280 in the first paragraph.
The results of the first H3 subtitles.
A link unit to the final season.
You can use my strategy of placing Adsense ads the best goal is that you are the one experimenting with different sectors and types of ads. So I recommend that you install and begin CPR increased Adsensei from now.